Why you may invest in CyberPulse

Right now, in the Coronavirus-era, many professionals and employees are poised to work at home. There they don’t have the same size and quality of cybersecurity as at their companies. The interconnectivity of all aspects of life demands competent cybersecurity for all things digital.

High-level cybersecurity with Security Operation Centers (SOC) requires investments that are unaffordable for households and SMB. CyberPulse develops technology to enable the best possible cybersecurity for these target groups for reasonable prices.

CyberPulse customers will have similar cybersecurity as Fortune 500 companies and government at affordable prices.

The TAM (total accessible market) for providing world-class cybersecurity to households and SMBs is $26 Bn in the U.S. alone. CARG is anticipated due to market consensus with 15 percent.

The CyberPulse team is built on entrepreneurial competence, experienced cyber experts embedded in an ecosystem of engineers, scientists, marketers.

Affordable, high-level cybersecurity for households and SMEs requires unique technological solutions and suitable services.

Equity crowdfunding coming soon, stay tuned.