Cyberpulse Inc. implemented a limited poll on LinkedIn to determine the interest of professionals like CEOs, management consultants, infosec directors, to invest in expert-level cybersecurity for home networks. 

As a result, 81 percent are in favor of an expert-level cybersecurity product and would invest; 19 percent were not convinced and said, they wouldn’t invest. 

The survey was designed to test the attractiveness of Cyberpulse’s services among professionals within the consideration:
I only invest in a company, if I am convinced about financial success, with a significant return on invest. 

This poll was conducted by Sandor Slijderink, Cyberpulse CISO, on July 31st 2020.

The poll: 

If I can reduce your information security risk at home by 90% or more.
If I could make this affordable for YOU.
Would you invest in this?

81% yes
19% no

Some voices of the thread 

Cyber Security Director:
“..Assuming this would be affordable for lambda user, as I’m proud of managing my little home setup, so yes if this can be used by anyone, in somehow a set and forget mode”

Cyber Security Founder:
“..the general consumer is oblivious of security and might consider it.”

Attorney and Legal Advisor (Privacy and Risk):
“If I can reduce the risk of a data breach by starting from your employee’s home by 90% or more affordably…How can you not afford to invest in this critical technology?”

Information Security and Media Host:
“…Ever since and I have become a the threats have been steadily increasing.”

Solution Engineer:
“..If you are targeting enterprises that want to protect their employees from being exposed to security risks or protect their assets and cooperate devices when being used from home – I would definitely vote for YES without hesitation! “

Information Security Business Development:
“..What is amazing to me, from a broader societal standpoint, is that this is even a question/offering in 2020. There is a whole chain of hardware, software, and network providers involved before that laptop hits your home network … and we put none of the onus of security on any of them. To me, this is like selling a bike or car without brakes, or electrical breakers without safety inspection. Most of us wouldn’t buy a helicopter for a teenager, throw them the keys, and say, “Enjoy!” Security in the digital world is just as important, but since we don’t see fiery crashes on the news, we don’t consider it as such.”

Information Security Engineer:
“..I think you may be heading in the right direction with this. So YES absolutely.”

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